Jennifer D"I am still in AWE at the amount of Value you get at The Conversion Pros and for such a small price tag! TCP has made Marketing Fun & Exciting! I am amazed at how easily you can create stunning pages of your own and blow every one else out of the water! You definitely get more interest when you are not using the same old boring pages everyone else is! I was getting sign-ups my very 1st day and TCP makes the Training fun to Watch! I don't know anywhere else that you can get all of this for such a small price and TCP keeps adding great content! Most other places will give you one thing or another , but here at TCP , they gives it ALL to you! Well done TCP, you are pure genius!"
- Jennifer D | Hanover, ON
Jay E"I have been in the network marketing industry off and on since 2005. I got serious in 2012 and from that time I have come in contact with a number of people who teach network marketing. I have made and lost money in the industry, so I always tell people that I graduated from the Network Marketing School of Hard Knocks (Trial and Error). What TCP has put together here for us and our teams is truly 5 Star. When I first joined I thought it was just for Capture Pages and Auto-Responders, but as we now know it was much more than that. You could actually take on a business partner in any business and tell them if they really want to learn network marketing then join TCP. This gives you more time to recruit and in TCP they get the training. David is an excellent teacher and you can really feel that he truly cares about the success of others. The value that TCP provides is worth much, much more than they charge. So I just want to thank Narine, my Sponsor, for being persistent that I take a look and to TCP... Thanks for all you do for us!"
- Jay E | Absecon, NJ
Janet L"I sent my first SMS broadcasts today ... watched the training Video then just did it ... it was SO easy and the system cleaned out all but the valid cell numbers. I think I am in love ... No... I KNOW I am IN LOVE!"
- Janet L | Calgary, AB
Joan M"I just checked the Share Code Apps and I have to say what you have done in TCP is nothing short of ingenious. You not only make our job so much easier and interesting but the impact for new prospects is second to none. I have never been in a program where the Owners worked so hard to make everyone a success. Thanks for all you do."
- Joan M | Kelowna, BC
Hurvey J"Since I've been introduced to TCP, even my day job sales have gone up! Online and offline it works!!!"

- Hurvey J | San Diego, CA
Brandon J"This System Is The BEST System Out There On The Market Hands Down! The Tools Are Amazing And It Has Helped Me Generate Hundreds Of Leads In Just My First Month Being An Affiliate. Thank You Conversion Pros For This Awesome Customizable System!"
- Brandon J | Emmaus, PA
Michael L"I have been fulltime work at home for 17 years, but I've had very little success with other company's leads for the last year.But I just bought the leads from the TCP back office and WOW am I surprised. I received a call back from one lady within 2 hours. Then next hour I signed up a person into my business. Then following morning a man told me he wants to start with our top package and buy leads. All this and I'm just getting started. I still have 95% of my leads to call. Thanks for a great system."
- Michael L | Jacksonville, FL
Donna G"I have been fulltime working from home for the past 20 years but having very little success until I joined TCP and have been completely blown away... the valuable training, and tools we get is priceless... I have been promoting TCP for the past few weeks and have gotten like 21 leads and 4 sales, all the years I have been online I have never got these results before. I am just getting started, can't wait to see where I will be in the next few months."
- Donna G | Surrey, BC
James O"I don't know where or how you are getting these leads, but I have NEVER EVER seen purchased leads as responsive as these are. I purchased 200 leads and have sponsored 18 people so far into my $400 program. Keep them coming and please don't change a thing!"
- James O | St Louis, MO
Michael L"TCP paid for itself within a few hours of getting started. The TCP leads have been great, and I'm signing up people into my business - and people who were really searching for a business at home - and who are working every day! TCP is duplicatable with the "share codes". I have business partners over 70 years of age that are telling me "TCP is easy, fun, and it works!" I personally work with and help setup the initial TCP system for those who sign up with me, and I offer phone support. Doesn't even seem like work, more like getting paid to play."
- Michael L | Jacksonville, FL
Bill H"At last TCP delivers! I cant believe the respomse from these leads and the TCP system! I called only 10 leads and had 4 people watching my presentation that day!! Thank you David!!"
- Bill H | Rochester, NY

”I just wanted to take a moment to give a big THANK YOU to The Conversion Pros for this amazing "ALL IN ONE" marketing suite. Everything in one marketing system to help marketers "CRUSH IT" online. Awesome customer support and I have been PAID my commissions every single time! Thanks TCP!“

- Bill C | Egg Harbor Township, NJ
”Since I joined The Conversion Pros early November 2015 it was super awesome then but now 3 months later with all the additional training, webinars, resources, leads and fantastic support from HQ and across our group well it is really just incredible. So very glad to be a part of this and it is so much fun along the way. Each day something new appears and the ideas are out of the box thinking. Hope you join us all and reap the benefits too!“
- Julie J | Newton Abbot, Devon
”I had a crazy day February 24th by sending 100 clicks from a solo ad campaign, to a capture page I created with your conversion pro landing page builder/systems. I got a whopping 100% opt in rate from the campaign.  I have never received or seen results like this in online marketing. I love your sytems and how simple it is to set up and duplicate. At first, I was in the system for my personal gain, but I feel 100% necessary to share your system with the world. “
- Toddric P | Jacksonville, Florida

”I have been marketing online for over 15 years. I have tried every marketing system that ever came down the pike, but I have never seen one to compare to TCP. The auto responder system alone at another company costs me $30 per month. To add a few capture pages . . . another $15. And none of them compare to the landing pages at TCP -- not in design, ease of use or in any other way.

Then, put on top of that the ability to share campaigns and landing pages with others, TCP would be a huge bargain if that were all that was available. Add at least ten other marketing tools and there is nothing on the planet that comes even close to TCP.

This system is so perfect in every way that it would be well worth it at double the cost.

BUT THEN, TCP actually PAYS you to share it with others! You share with three and yours is free . . . share it with more and you are in profit. And the comp plan is three levels and ultra-generous.

It just does not get any better than this! Quit looking -- you have found the best system on the planet!"

- Karen | Newport, PA
Kevin”Hi Marketers! I have been in the Home Biz industry for over 33 years' and a Top Income Earner in MLM and High Ticket Direct Sales programs' my top week was 30k. I know what works and what does not. I have never seen a Turn Key Marketing System with Tools and Quality Leads that The Conversion Pros has. You can not go wrong here everyone from beginner to the seasoned networking pro needs this product / service. JOIN NOW“
- Kevin C | Bridgewater, NY
”TCP has been my focus because you guys are just so good to the member's... it's like family!“

- Trent Y | Cooloola Cove, Queensland
”You have the best system I'v ever seen. It is perfect in every way!“

- Karen G | Newport, PA
”I love this, it's really helped me especially the tutorials. Thanks.“

- Felicia G | Speedway, IN
”You guys are amazing thank you so very much that makes everything crystal clear for me to understand. I can't thank you guys enough. I am so happy with the product and I truely believe in them. My Conversion Pros leads are coming in faster than I can reach them all. But once you finish the text message broadcaster and the auto dialer kaboom. You might want to consider adding some type of retargeting to our capture pages or blog. You guys have over delivered.“
- Kevin C | Anaheim, CA
”First of all, Oh my God what a system!!!! Thousand thumbs up!!“

- Giovanni B | San Juan
”Thank you again for all your team does. Incredible system that I'm proud to be apart of. See your teams on conference calls. See you at the top“
- Alan H | Hemet, CA
”I can't thank you enough, once TCP grows over a million, I hope you can keep the incredible customer service and support. No body helps their people like you.“
- Kevin C | Anaheim, California
Tanisha”This is system is by far the best. Its affordable and the value is unbelievable. Never seen nothing like this and I have been online for some time now, no hype, no fluff just value. Thanks“
- Tanisha M | New York City, NY
Thaddious”It's a good thing we all love animals, because, we are all going to be BEASTS with these leads. I am on the leader board 30 times for my MLM, because of these leads. I made $9,625 with TCP leads in a week!“
- Thaddious T | Bear, DE
”Brother those leads are HOTTTTT like DEADLY HOT... All LEGIT people with names and #'s and genuinely looking for an opportunity... TIME TO ROLL THE $$$“
- Bill B | Lower Sackville, NS, Canada
”Excellent! Watched the video, copied the landing page, created a video page for the funnel, copied an AR and changed all the codes for 15 emails. 34 minutes in total. So simple to use this system and that is with me only using it for a few days.“
- Mike M | Heywood, Lancashire
”I purchased 150 leads and made $2,125!!! I text them as they come in. I simply say, "What did you think of it?" Get the leads!!!!“

- Thomas T
Jason”I purchased 100 leads within TCP. As they came in, I texted them a message about my company and our offer. This has generated a great response and engagement and has also turned into a $2,500 sale and a $500 sale and the text messages are increasing daily from my follow up. These leads are hungry to make money so engage with them.“
- Jason M | Greenville, SC
Jason”David Dubbs, the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of The Conversion Pros, has been a driving force for my Success in MLM, you can not get to the top of companies using a companies redirect pages and many companies do not even teach you, the power of building your teams, using the internet. I have reached the top Positions of companies, been the top money earner, had the highest recruitment for many months and it would have never been possible without David Dubbs. I just won a FREE car in my current company, using The Conversion Pros leads. I will be rolling in a new BMW soon. See you all at the top of the mountain. David Dubbs, you are the man bro!“
- Max G III | McAllen, TX
Alphonso”TCP, these leads are crazy good. I ordered 100 and so far received 25 of them. I called 20 and out the 20 , I got 9 appointments. Every person I spoke to remembered requesting information. Let everyone know to call them as soon as they get them if they can, if not the next day at the latest. I am excited man! These are the best leads I have ever gotten for the cheapest I have ever gotten. WOW man TCP is it!!! Time to hit the top of my company!!!“
- Alphonso J | Fredericksburg, VA
Cajuan”Just got off the phone with a prospect from the leads I bought and let me tell you... It’s Working! He was more than happy to receive my call and is now about to upgrade. Follow through with your leads guys, don’t just let this awesome system do all the work. The money is in the follow up! This will make sell number 3 in under a week $$$$“
- Caujuan M | Las Vegas, NV
Steph”When I am sharing TCP through my normal marketing efforts, I send people to the company's capture page, because, if you didn't know, David Dubbs (Co-Founder of TCP) is a BEAST at what he does. I decided not to create my own TCP funnel, because, I wanted to "test" how the given one would do knowing Dave would be following up via AR. Well, sharing this totally passively, my pre-enrollees upgrade to paid Member without ANY contact from me, because, they are getting the awesome follow ups from Corporate. Almost anytime Corporate sends out a broadcast or new announcement, I get a new upgraded Member. In less than 30 days I am at 18 paid referrals TOTALLY passively. I didn't even join TCP to make money promoting it, but only to use the tools to build my business and this is becoming another passive recurring income stream.My recommendation... let your TCP leads go into the company campaign and allow Corporate to do your follow up. TCP has been the BEST resource for my business and the best "accidental" income I've added to my business!“
- Steph P | Saint Petersburg, FL
"I just want to thank TCP for how easy it is to grasp these concepts and just for $50/month!! I've heard of people paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for leads or Funnel Systems. I'm still a rookie at this, but I for sure am getting better at Landing Pages and Email Resonders, getting 1-2 leads a night on average which I consider better then what I was getting without TCP. Thanks again!!"
- Derek G | Mission, TX
Ron S"Just wanted to share some Very Serious excitement about my last leads purchase. On Sunday night, I purchased the 50 leads package. My company is in Pre-launch, so our sites were not live at the time. I changed my AR to have the "Text Me" email go out Day 2. I received 8 texts from the leads the first day, and I have 4 commitments so far and 2 others look positive. The real exciting part is the 4 commitments are from women. We all know that women rule our industry, so having a way to get ladies involved is SO exciting. I am a newbie on building capture pages, so my page is not great, but TCP leads are SO good that even a Novice can have great success! Thank you TCP for this exciting system."
- Ron S | Jupiter, FL
"Crazy! My open rates for my new campaigns set up using TCP AR are right at 50%... my broadcasts with my "other" autoresponder was barely hitting 10% depending on the subject. I was skeptical switching to the TCP autoresponder, because, being in business for over 8 years you come to depend on what "you think" is the standard. I am glad I made the change!"
- Steph P | Lealman, FL
Lisa G"I’ll be honest when I first Joined in November I was very hesitant and reluctant, not because of systems, but, because of my time lines and were my head was at and I was gone on vacation. After setting up the system, I didn't log in for a while. But low and behold, David Dubbs, the Co-Founder for TCP, called me and told me that I Had 30 leads waiting for me from my primary business that I never even knew were sitting back there. So that’s when I said ok I better take a better look at this. I logged into my back office and I posted it on Facebook one more time, and another 60 leads came in for my primary business in 24 to 48hrs. These are true leads; these are people that actually filled out an application for my primary business who had a video to watch for my primary business. Now I have all their contact information, there phone numbers, names and email addresses. There true leads for my primary business, not some crapy leads, . What I love about this system is I may be able to recruit but I’m not a marketing genius and I’m not technical. With TCP’s system I mean I’m on the phone with David and he sets up a system with in one minute while I’m not even done saying hello to him. That’s how easy this system is. I’ve already shared it with few people from my team and their very very excited and within minutes it seems like they’ve gotten their lead capture pages up and they seem to be having fun setting up their pages. What’s nice about this is that everybody in my primary business is going to use this, but we’re all gonna look different we’re not gonna be the same. We’re not gonna use the regular corporate logo. This is so generic that people are gonna want to click on that link to actually see what your business is all about. I have about 60 something leads that I’m gonna have to start calling tomorrow, I’m a little overwhelmed but I really appreciate you David and I’m so glad that we reconnected. I love what you’re doing and you’re so helpful, and I really appreciate it."
- Lisa G | Fort Lauderdale, FL
"I want everybody to know one of the things that I love about TCP is that everything they do is top notch. It’s a proven method, that time and time again have proven to get results, have proven to make things happen. So anyone who is on the line is like “man” how do I get on the leader board, how do I get to the top of the company so everybody notices me at events? TCP is the way to get it done. Don’t be like me and procrastinate, because you’re just procrastinating and delaying the time you can get to the top of the leader boards and making things happen at whatever company your with. My hats off to TCP. You guys build a killer marketing system, and people get great success from it. Thank you for the system."
- Alphonso J | VA
Bruce S"I’m the new guy I’m in the same business as my good friend Lisa G. We’ve been at three events together. She is one of our top money earners, and I’m ecstatic to use this system. I’ve seen several systems myself. I think this is the one for me. I know Lisa has had success with it and I plan to have success too. One of the things I can tell you about TCP, is I really appreciate that the owners are selfless not selfish, because, as an ex-military guy, that’s how I conduct myself. I think this is a great opportunity to share, also for an extra stream of income. So I just want to say I appreciate TCP."
- Bruce L III | Clayton, OH
Melvin C"For anyone that is wondering about how powerful this system is… And I can verify this… Right now TCP’s system is being used as a tool to get votes for Donald Trump. We have a group of pastors who are using this system now to actually garner a campaign to vote for Donald Trump. This system is SO powerful. Just too tell you what Dave, the Co-Founder of TCP, did for me. At the last minute I put together a webinar, it had a few people on. Dave showed the system. I had about half of the webinar participants sign up right then and there, as they saw the value. So Dave just want to let you know your system is being used by people in the republican party who love it! And they are getting votes and they are getting leads. Thank you!"
- Melvin C | Richmond, VA
Kyle P"Long story short, I saw the value in this immediately. I’ve been an online marketer for years, I’ve known Dave, the Co-Founder, for ten years. When he showed this to me I pretty much dropped everything else I was doing to do this. I actually have a craigslist course that I teach. I’ve bought probably ten thousand dollars’ worth of Craigslist courses and then I’ve learned from my own trial and error, so I have a whole bunch of stuff that I teach. I logged into TCP and saw the Craigslist webinar, and thought… “you know” I’m going to check this out and see what they have. It was a technique that I had never seen before, so I thought I’d try it. And I did, and about thirty minutes of literally copy and paste efforts and I had forty- seven opt-ins with in like two hours. So I was pretty blown away by that. I showed a few other people that technique who haven’t even watched the video yet and their getting leads as well. TCP definitely worth every penny and more!"
- Kyle P | Clinton, UT
Joan M"I was rushed to the hospital recently for major surgery to remove a tumor that was pressing against my spinal cord. The doctor said if it wasn't done immediately I would be paralyzed very soon. An MRI taken 3 days earlier showed the tumor. I am now at home recuperating and today I went into my TCP account and there was $71.90 sitting there. That made my day. Doing nothing for 3 weeks and now my monthly Membership fee is covered and have several other people ready to upgrade. Thank you TCP for putting this amazing program together. I am ready to rock and roll!!!"
- Joan M | Kelowna, BC

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